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Compost Scoop

Plastic Compost Scoop
£2.27 each Quantity
Simple but well designed tool for scooping compost, leca, etc

Large Flat Scoop

Large Flat Scoop
£3.92 each Quantity
Very large capacity polypropylene flat based scoop 89mm x 170mm x 260mm plus handle. Overall length 380mm

Flexible Funnel

Flexible Funnel
£1.79 each Quantity
Overall width 150mm (6") head has handle and filter. Detachable flexible neck ideal for awkward situations.

Syphon Pump

Syphon Pump
£2.64 each Quantity
A simple, hand-operated plastic pump with in-line squeeze bulb. This is a cheap and effective tool for draining planters if they have become overwatered or prior to moving displays.

Digital Lightmeter

Digital Lightmeter
£51.60 each Quantity
A professional quality lightmeter for use by the interior landscaping industry. Measures light from 0.1 to 50,000 lux using four ranges (>200: >2000: >20000: >50000) accurate to +/-5%. Large digital display also shows low battery warning. Practical pocket size. Complete with carrying case and (A23) battery.

Professional pH, NPK Soil Test Kit

Soil Test Kit Pro
£64.74 each Quantity
Allows you to perform low cost tests for all the major nutrients in the soil. Provided in a sturdy plastic carrying case and comes complete with full instructions and recommendations Apx. 200 tests overall

Professional Soil Test Probe

Pro Soil Probe
£18.41 each Quantity
Manufactured from strong, lightweight aluminium this larger professional tool has been popular over many years with interior landscapers. Probe length 40cm (16")

Soil Sleuth Probe

Soil Sleuth Moisture Probe
£7.44 each Quantity
A simple tool that is inserted into the compost, twisted and withdrawn to allow the user to view “plugs” of compost taken from five depths. Ideal for testing condition and wetness of the soil. Manufactured from high impact acetal plastic. Probe length 30cm (12”)

Notched Hand Shears (114114)

Fiskars 114114 Notched Shears
£25.90 each Quantity
Cushioned bumper to reduce strain, and helps prevent jarring. Non-slip handles for added grip. 9" carbon steel blades. Blade tension adjustor for cutting shrubs / hedges of different thickness es. Ergonomically designed wishbone shaped handles reduce wrist strain

Gardena Schnipp Schnapp

Gardena Schnipp Schnapp Scissors
£11.58 each Quantity
Robust new softgrip handles and heavy duty stainless steel blades, specially ground cutting surfaces for long lasting sharpness. 180mm (7")

Large General Purpose Scissors

General Purpose Scissors
£3.49 each Quantity
200mm (8”) GP scissors with stainless steel blade and softgrip bows.