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Digital Measuring Wheel

Digital measuring wheel
£43.70 each Quantity
Aluminium telescopic handle with sturdy locking system and folding kickstand. Measures accurately up to 99,999.9m and converts instantly from metric to imperial. Easy-to-read backlit LCD display on handle. Memory storage, recall and clear functions. Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

Fibreglass Surveyors Tape

Fibreglass surveyors tape
Durable, vinyl-coated steel casing and 12mm wide fibreglass tape coated with PVC for durability and easy cleaning. Folding metal claw and handle. Impervious to water, crease-resistant and marked with metric and imperial graduations. Class III accuracy (4.6mm tolerance per 10mtr as determined by the European weights and measures regulations).
MT37 10m - £3.49
MT38 30m - £5.99
MT40 50m -

Open Reel Surveyors Tape

Open Reel Surveyors Tape
Heavy duty fibre surveyors tape with metric and imperial graduations. Strong plastic case with folding winding handle. Metal end hooks & claw. Water, scratch & crease-resistant PVC-coated tape. Class III accuracy (4.6mm tolerance per 10mtr as determined by the European weights and measures regulations).
MT45 30m - £5.63
MT46 50m - £7.95
MT47 100m - £

Steel Surveyors Tape

Steel Surveyors Tape
ABS case with steel binding and 12mm wide tape with phosphate coating for rust protection. Enamelled and lacquered coating protects metric and imperial printed graduations. Metal end hooks and claw.
MT42 30m - £11.44
MT44 50m -

Geared Surveyors Tape

Geared Surveyors Tape
Tough ABS plastic casing. Stainless steel blade with corrosion-resistant magnetic hook clip. Manual 3:1 gear ratio gives a fast and fully controlled blade retraction. Comfortable, contoured grip and clear, easy-to-read graduations.
50m - £13.02
100m - £25.75

Hi-Vis Contour Tape

Hi Vis Measuring Tape
Comfortable contoured shape. Secure triple-riveted wraparound tips. Clear metric and imperial graduations with joist centre marks every 16". Includes belt clip and hand strap. Colours vary.
MT03 3m x 16mm - £1.21
MT05 5m x 19mm - £1.81
MT08 8m x 25mm
- £3.42

Tailors Tape Measure

1.5m Tailors style tape measure
£0.30 each Quantity
Bulk Rate (6 and over) £0.24 each
Flexible fibreglass tape measure. Tailors type with metal ends. Clear metric and imperial graduations. Width 15mm.

Digital Range Measure

Digital Range Meter
£18.46 each Quantity
Pocket-sized ultrasonic digital range measure. Laser aiming and comprehensive digital display. Calculates length, area and volume with individual measurement recall. Range 0.55 - 15m. Metric and imperial. Accurate to ±0.5%. Continuous measuring function with memory. Requires 1 x 9V battery.

Aluminium Scale Tri Rule

30cm Aluminium Tri rule
£2.00 each Quantity
Cast aluminium scale rule with triangular body for safer cutting and scoring of materials. Clearly marked metric graduations. 6 scales for precision drawing. Concave base reduces smearing when drawing. Scales 1:20, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, 1:125.

Combination Square

Combination mitre square
£3.73 each Quantity
Accurate level with 300mm hardened steel blade. Die-cast aluminium stock, accurately milled face and built-in spirit level with scriber. Clear metric and imperial graduations. Knurled adjustment screw.

Pocket Level

Pocket spirit level
£0.93 each Quantity
Lightweight pocket level with magnetic base. Includes 3 vials for 45°, 90° and 180° measurements and hanging hole for storage. Tapered end allows access to confined spaces and narrow corners. Accuracy 1mm/1m.

Marking Level

Aluminium marking level
£5.65 each Quantity
Aluminium rule with rebated edge for accurate cutting and marking. Clear metric and imperial graduations and integrated horizontal and vertical vials for precise measurement. Broad handle for easy grip and twin bevelled profile for rigidity. Hanging hole for storage.

Hanging Scales & Tape Measure

Hanging scales & tape measure
£3.13 each Quantity
Robust metal handle and hanging hook. Large 65mm diameter dual dial displays both metric and imperial. Convenient integral 1m tape measure. For fast, accurate weighing and measuring.

Battery, Bulb & Fuse Tester

Battery, bulb and fuse tester
£5.50 each Quantity
Hand-held tester checks power level of most 1.5V and 9V batteries, plus most fuses and bulbs. Easy to read meter. Requires 1 x 9V (PP3) battery.

Mains Plug-In Power Consumption Monitor

Mains plug consumption meter
£10.70 each Quantity
Mains socket plug-in device with easy 3-button operation. Measures mains voltage and frequency. Monitors power consumption of household appliances by measuring kiloWatts per hour, Watts, Amperes, power factor and energy cost. Large LCD display provides easy-to-read comprehensive data. Helps identify inefficient devices to lower power bills and reduce carbon emissions. Useful for preventing overload of mains sockets or inverters. Dual tariff mode calculation feature displays cost of energy being used. UK plug.

Digital Lightmeter

Digital Lightmeter
£35.00 each Quantity
A professional quality lightmeter for use by the interior landscaping industry. Measures light from 0.1 to 50,000 lux using four ranges (>200: >2000: >20000: >50000) accurate to +/-5%. Large digital display also shows low battery warning. Practical pocket size. Complete with carrying case and (A23) battery.

Digital Min/Max Thermometer/Hygrometer

Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer
£9.42 each Quantity
Digital reading for temperature and humidity. Min/Max settings make it possible to monitor a greenhouse or office environment over a period of time. Ideal for use by interior landscapers or building managers.

Indoor/Outdoor Stick-On Thermometer

Window Thermometer
£0.84 each Quantity
Clear plastic square thermometer with colour-coded dial and easy-to-read Celsius temperature scale. For indoor and outdoor use. Attaches with 4 self-adhesive pads to windows so outdoor temperature can be read from indoors and vice versa. Ideal for the home, conservatory or greenhouse. Size 75 x 75 x 25mm. 985719 -50° to +50°C

Min/Max Dial Thermometer

Max/Min Thermometer
£4.65 each Quantity
Plastic thermometer with colour-coded dial showing minimum and maximum temperatures as well as current temperature. Celsius temperature scale. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Hanging hole. Size 158 x 75 x 30mm. -30° to +60°C

Laser Infrared Thermometer

Laser Infrared Thermometer
£23.21 each Quantity
Pistol-grip infra-red thermometer with laser pointer for pinpoint targeting. LCD screen with backlit display. Measures in Celsius and Fahrenheit with range -38°C to +520°C (-36.4°F to +968°F) and accuracy of +/- 2°C (+/- 4°F). Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

Professional pH, NPK Soil Test Kit

Soil Test Kit Pro
£64.74 each Quantity
Allows you to perform low cost tests for all the major nutrients in the soil. Provided in a sturdy plastic carrying case and comes complete with full instructions and recommendations Apx. 200 tests overall

Professional Soil Test Probe

Pro Soil Probe
£18.41 each Quantity
Manufactured from strong, lightweight aluminium this larger professional tool has been popular over many years with interior landscapers. Probe length 40cm (16")

Soil Sleuth Probe

Soil Sleuth Moisture Probe
£7.44 each Quantity
A simple tool that is inserted into the compost, twisted and withdrawn to allow the user to view “plugs” of compost taken from five depths. Ideal for testing condition and wetness of the soil. Manufactured from high impact acetal plastic. Probe length 30cm (12”)

3-in-1 Soil Tester

3 way Soil test meter
£4.07 each Quantity
Bulk Rate (6 and over) £3.66 each
Solar-powered soil tester, invaluable for gardeners to determine pH levels (acid/alkaline) and moisture content of the soil, as well as light intensity. Easy-to-read dial gauge and 3-way mode selector switch. 2 x 210mm long probes. Helps to prevent overwatering and root rot.

Wood Moisture Meter

Moisture meter for wood
£16.78 each Quantity
Measures moisture content when probes are inserted 3-6mm into wood or various other building materials. LED display and low battery indicator. Moisture detection range 7 - 35%. Includes plastic cap for covering the probes, when not in use. Requires 1 x 9V battery.

Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter
£19.37 each Quantity
Compact hand-held sound meter with easy-to-read gauge. Comfortable contoured body. 50 to 126dB sound level measuring over 7 ranges. Accurate to +/- 2dB. A/C weighting plus fast and slow response selection. Includes wind shield and audio output socket. Long battery life with test function. Requires 1 x PP3 9V battery.