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Gardena 2681 Metal Hose Trolley 60 with Hose & Fittings

Gardena Metal Trolley & Hose Set
£64.20 each Quantity
With height-adjustable handle: adapts to the user's height. Space-saving storage. Wide stand frame for high stability. Sturdy powder-coated metal reel, with freewheeling crank. With anti-drip device: prevents water running out after use. Holds up to 60m of 13mm hose. Comes complete with 40m of 13mm Gardena Classic Hose, Comfort 3 in 1 Gun and fittings"

Gardena 8107 Premium Metal Multi Spray Gun

Gardena 8107 metal hose gun
£22.34 each Quantity
Comfortable to use spray gun in solid metal and plastic with robust sprayer head and four different spray patterns. Soft spray, bubble jet, hard jet and flat jet. In addition to the spray pattern, the water flow rate can also be individually and infinitely regulated. Pattern and flow can be ideally selected for the application. the sprayer is easily started with the pulse trigger, for longer use it can be locked in place. For more variety while watering. 4 spray patterns – many different applications

Gardena 8108 Multi Spray Lance

Gardena 8108 Multi Spray Lance
£21.30 each Quantity
The 90cm Comfort Multi Function Spray Lance irrigates and cleans where you cannot reach. Four spray patterns can be set: soft spray, bubble-jet spray, hard jet and flat jet. The lance is equipped with soft plastic components that offer a pleasant feel and a good grip for ergonomic handling. The flow rate is fully adjustable. The pulse trigger, can be locked and the soft plastic ring around the sprayer head protects it against damage. It can be hung up for easy and fast storage.

8193 Twin Tap Connector

Gardena 8193 Twin Tap Connector
£14.28 each Quantity
For operating two watering accessories, flow can be adjusted or shut off. Fits directly on to taps with a 26.5 or 33.3mm thread (replaced 1210 twin tap connector)

8194 Four Channel Water Distributor

Gardena 8194 4 way water distributor
£25.44 each Quantity
For operating several watering accessories at the same time. 4 fully adjustable outlets. Suitable for 2 water computers or water timers. Fits directly on to taps with a 26.5 or 33.3mm thread

1197 Auto Water Distributor

Gardena 1197 Auto Water Distributor
£55.92 each Quantity
Gardena auto water distrubor in use. (This model replaced the 1198 octous style distributor in 2012) In combination with Water Computer 1060 (1864 or 1866), the Water Distributor automatic ensures that up to six different areas in your garden are automatically irrigated, one after the other. For example, you can water the lawn with a sprinkler, then potted plants, beds, hedges and flower boxes with a drip irrigation system. As per the Water Computer programmes, the water outlets will automatically open, one after the other. Practical: the Water Distributor can be flexibly adjusted to the conditions in your garden. That means, you can water only two areas or up to six. The non-required water outlets are simply deactivated using the setting lever. As the various plants in your garden need different amounts of water, the watering duration can also be individually set based on the programming on the Water Computer. The Water Distributor transports the desired quantity to the right place. This intelligent solution is also ideal when the available water quantity is insufficient for simultaneous supply of all watering accessories. Simply mount the Water Distributor on the side of the house or on the ground. It is secured on a ground plate and can be removed at any time. As all water outlets are placed in one direction, the device takes up very little space. It is equipped with 26.5 mm (G ¾) male threads and is supplied with five Tap Connectors (Art. No. 901) and three end caps.

Gardena 6005 Threaded Tap Connector

Gardena 6005 Threaded Tap Connector
£2.99 each Quantity
Threaded Tap Connector. For taps with 21mm (½"") and 26.5mm (¾"") thread

2999 Swivel Tap Connector

Gardena 2999 Swivel Tap Connector.
£5.05 each Quantity
Prevents kinking and twisting of the hose on the tap due to rotating and swivelling connector, also ideal for use on hose trolleys. For 26.5mm (¾") taps with 33.3mm (1") thread and 21mm (½") taps with 26.5mm (¾") thread

2909 Universal Tap Connector

Gardena 2909 Universal Tap Connector
£7.91 each Quantity
Fits indoor square taps. Universal Tap Connector is ideally suited for all popular square and mixer taps. Hose connector simply clicks into place.

2907 Round Tap Connector

Gardena 2907 Tap Connector
£7.19 each Quantity
The round tap connector is ideally suited for taps without thread and an outer diameter between 15 and 20 mm. It is corrosion-resistant and can be attached without tools.

8166 Premium Metal Hose Connector

Gardena 8166 Metal Hose Connector
£4.99 each Quantity
Simple and easy to use hose connector; a simple pull releases the connection. Sturdy clamping nut of high-quality metal can withstand great loads and pressure. Protected by a rubber ring that prevents damage.

8168 Premium Metal Waterstop Connector

Gardena 8168 Metal Waterstop Connector
£5.71 each Quantity
Sturdy clamping nut of high-quality metal can withstand great loads and pressure. Protected by a rubber ring that prevents damage.

2942 Hose Connector & Control Valve

Gardena 2942 Connector & Control Valve
£6.48each Quantity
Manual ball valve for controlling and shutting off water flow. Ideal for changing accessories without turning off the tap, especially suitable in high water pressure areas.

5303 O Rings

Gardena 5303 Replacement O Rings
£2.50 Pack (5) Quantity
Replacement 9mm 0-rings for all connecting pieces (5)