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Mixed Fruit Basket

Mixed artificial Fruit Basket
£55.20 each Quantity
40cm dark wicker fruit basket with a mixture of artificial fruit (listed below - may vary slightly). Basket 40cm x 30cm, height 19cm at rear 10cm at front. fruit included - 1 x pomegranate, 2 x lemons, 2 x green apples, 2 x red apples, 2 x tangerines, 2 x peaches, 1 x pear, 1 x pineapple, 1 x banana bunch (3), 1 x bunch green grapes, 1 x small bunch black grapes, 1 x lime.

Oranges & Lemons Tap Jar

Tap jar with artificial oranges and lemons
£37.50 each Quantity
5ltr recycled glass tap jar containing a mixture of artificial oranges and lemons. (Contents may vary - approximately ?? items.)

Kilner Jar of Cherries

Kilner jar with artificial cherries
£14.74 each Quantity
1ltr glass kilner jar containing 50 artificial cherries. (Use the jar usefully of have it as a display!)

Giant White Apples & Pears

Giant white apples and pears
Coming soon

Oak Bowl of Mixed Nuts

artificial nut bowl display
£22.00 each Quantity
Hand turned oak bowl with a mixture of artificial almonds, pecans and walnuts (bowl diameters vary but in the region of 15cm (6") with about 23 nuts).

Green Apples in Glass Bowl

Green Apples in Glass Bowl
£29.50 each Quantity
Artificial green apples (10) in a straight sided glass bowl (can be used with artificial apples on bottom row and real ones on top!)

Peach & Rose Swag

Peachy Swag
£8.10 each Quantity
A/SWAGPR 50cm (20") artificial peaches, roses and flowers on wooden twig vine.

Tangerines in a Trug

Artificial Tangerines in a trug basket
£43.20 each Quantity
22 artificial tangerines in a two tone wooden trug basket.

Artificial Fruit Selection

  • Artificial Lemons
  • Artificial Oranges
  • Artificial Pomegranates
  • Artificial Banana Bunch
  • Artificial Kiwi Fruit
  • Artificial Plums
  • Artificial Apples Green
  • Artificial Apples Red
  • Artificial Cantalupes
  • Artificial Limes
  • Artificial Peaches
  • Artificial Pears
  • Artificial Pineapple
  • Artificial Figs
  • Artificial Grape Bunches
  • Artificial Grapefruit
  • Artificial Strawberries
  • Artificial Tangerines

Make up your own artificial fruit selection
Lemon £1.73 each
Orange £1.94 each
Pomegranate £1.90 each
Banana £3.32 bunch of 3
Kiwi Fruit £0.84 each
Plum £0.73 each
Green Apple £1.50 each
Red Apple £1.54 each
Cantaloupe £5.09 each
Lime £1.08 each
Peach £1.47 each
Pear £1.55 each
Pineapple £15.90 each
Fig £2.49 each
Grapes Black £5.51 per bunch
Grapes Green £5.52 per bunch
Grapes Red £5.53 per bunch
Grapefruit £5.94 each
Strawberries £6.12 Pack (12)
Tangerines £1.80
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