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SB Plant Invigorator (Concentrate) 1ltr

SB Plant Invigorator
£43.86 each Quantity
For the control of a wide range of important pest species including whitefly, aphid, spider mite and mealybug. Also controls powdery mildew and is a plant stimulant. It helps to prevent chlorosis and improves leaf colour, works as a foliar feed and a plant cleaner. It works by physical means and is exempt from registration under the UK pesticides regulations. Usable in integrated pest management regimes and compatible with a range of beneficial insects and mites. Contains Foliar Lattice, Linear Sulphanate, 0.37% w/w iron chelate (Fe), 9.57% w/w nitrogen (N) and natural products (rates quoted refer to the professional concentrate).

SB Plant Invigorator Ready to Use Spray 500ml

SB Plant Invigorator RTU
£3.78 each Quantity
Ready to use version of the above in a sprayer.

Miracle Gro Plant Food 2kg

Miracle Gro Soluble Plant Food
£10.57 each Quantity
Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food gives beautiful, healthy plants with more blooms. For stunning displays just feed every two weeks from March to September. Easy to apply in a watering can. 2kg makes 720ltrs. NPK 24-8-16 with trace elements

Baby Bio Original 175ml

Baby Bio Original
£2.30 each Quantity
Britain’s most popular houseplant feed for over 50 years. Liquid formulation for quick easy mixing, NPK 10.6:4.4:1.7

Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food 200 can

Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food
£8.52 each Quantity
Britain's most widely used, economical soluble plant food for root and foliar feeding. Each pack (2kg) makes 900Ltrs of feed. NPK 16:10:24 plus trace elements.

Miracle Gro Time Release Plant Food 2kg

Miracle Gro Continuous Release Plant Food
£11.14 each Quantity
Formerly known as controlled release fertiliser. One application satisfies a seasons needs with no risk of burning foliage or roots. 2kg feeds up to 50 square metres. NPK 14:13:13

Osmocote Tablets Pack (25)

Osmocote Plant Food Tablets
£3.62 each Quantity
Controlled release. Easy to use tablets that are pushed into the soil/compost. Ideal for hanging baskets, planters, etc. NPK 10:11:18 plus magnesium & trace elements

Maxicrop Seaweed Extract Growth Stimulant 1ltr

Maxicrop Original
£8.60 each Quantity
Organic plant growth stimulant in liquid form. Stimulates germination rooting & establishment from seed to mature plant

Sequestered Iron - 250g

Sequestered Iron
£5.29 each Quantity
Chempak Sequestered Iron is a fast, effective method of preventing and correcting leaf chlorosis or yellowing, a problem usually caused by high pH or limey soils. Iron is a vital trace element which is commonly unavailable to plants because of adverse soil conditions. Chempak Sequestered Iron also contains magnesium and manganese, both essential trace elements.

Pokon Water Based Leafshine Concentrate 1ltr

Pokon Leafshine Concentrate
£21.53 each Quantity
Particularly suitable for use in public areas, offices, etc. this odourless, water based leafshine removes traces of calcium, rust and watering deposits without harm to the plants respiration. Dilute 1:5 for high gloss (similar to aerosol leafshine) 1:10 Gloss, 1:15 silk and 1:20 for use as a cleaner without adding to the plants gloss. No rubbing of the leaf is necessary

Pixie Sparkle 3.79ltr

Pixie Sparkle Leaf Shine
£31.86 each Quantity
Leaf shine and cleaner. For a clean plant with a natural glow, spray on and hose off after about 10 minutes. Non-toxic and odourless. Dilute apx. 1-10. If plant is reasonably free from dirt, no wiping is necessary.

Bamboo Cane Caps Pack of (10)

Bamboo Cane Caps
£1.05 per pack Quantity
Green plastic caps fit to the end of canes in plant displays to protect both the operative and public from eye damage caused by cane ends.

Snip & Twist Tying Wire

Snip and Twist Wire
£3.11 each Quantity
Useful for tying plants to canes or moss poles, flat shape prevents damage. Supplied on a 50mtr roll with cutter.

PVC Coated Tie Wire

100m x 1mm tie wire
£4.52 each Quantity
100mtr coils of durable green plastic coated 1mm wire, supple enough to be twisted by hand and cut with scissors.

45mtr Vinyl Stretch Tie

vinyl stretch tie plant support
£2.28 each Quantity
Multifunctional soft, strong and stretchy green tie for binding plants & shrubs without causing damage, ideal for delicate situations. UV stabilised.

Green Twine

Green Garden Twine
£1.45 each Quantity
Classic natural twine jute string coloured green. Ideal for all gardening needs. Length 100m

Adjustable Chain Lock (2)

£1.82 per Pack Quantity
Adjustable Chain LockSimple twist & lock design. Soft flat plastic tie. Supplied as two 1.5mtr pieces, cut to size with scissors, knife, etc.

Screw Vine Eyes (BZP)

£6.23 per Pack Quantity
Screw Vine Eyes
10cm (4") Screw Vine Eyes Pack of 10 £6.23 (10)

Flat Vine Eyes (BZP)

Flat Vine Eyes
7.5cm (3") Flat Vine Eyes Pack of 10 £3.27 (10)

10cm (4") Flat Vine Eyes Pack of 10 £3.60 (10)

12.5cm (5") Flat Vine Eyes Pack of 10 £4.57 (10)