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Pack of 3 Artificial Peppers Red, Green and Yellow

£7.63    Quantity
Artificial Bell Peppers
Mixed pack of 3 realistic artificial red, green and yellow bell peppers. Apx. size 9cm x 9cm (3½"). Weight apx. 140g.

Pack of 12 Large Artificial Tomatoes

£15.12     Quantity
Artificial tomatoes
Realistic artificial red tomatoes with green stalk. Apx. 8cm x 5½cm (3 x 2") weight apx. 66g.

Pack of 12 Artificial Ripening Tomatoes

£12.96     Quantity
Artificial ripening tomatoes
Realistic artificial red tomatoes with unripened mustard colour to the top and green stalk. Apx. 7cm x 6cm (2¾ x 2½") weight apx. 72g.

Pack of 12 Artificial Carrots

£24.43     Quantity
Artificial carrots
Realistic artificial weighted foam carrots. Apx. size 37cm x 3.5cm (15" x 1½"). Apx. weight 18g.

Artificial Artichoke   out of stock

£6.70     Quantity
Artificial Artichoke
Realistic artificial artichoke Overall length apx. 12cm (4½") x apx. 11cm (4"). Weight apx. 54g.

Pack of 6 Artificial Corn on the Cob

£13.18   Quantity
Artificial corn on the cob
Realistic artificial weighted corn on the cob with raffia style husk. Apx. size 36cm x 5cm (14" x 2"). Apx. weight 80g.

Pack of 72 Artificial Green Beans

£16.14     Quantity
Artificial Green Beans
Realistic artificial green beans. Overall length apx. 13cm (5") x apx. 3½cm (1½"). Weight apx. 6g.

Pack of 12 Artificial Aubergines

   £54.00     Quantity
Artificial Aubergines
Realistic artificial aubergines. plastic body with latex stem. Overall length apx. 17cm (6½") x apx. 36cm (2½"). Weight apx. 32g.

Pack of 12 Artificial Garlic

   £9.84     Quantity
Artificial garlic
Realistic artificial garlic bulb with sisal type root. Colour straw to burgundy. Overall length 14cm (5½") bulb size apx. 6-7cm) (2½"). Weight apx. 36g.

Pack of 12 Artificial Mint Bush

£28.03    Quantity
Artificial mint
Realistic artificial mint bush. Made from strong plastic material Apx. length 31cm (12"). Apx. weight 24g.

Pack of 12 Artificial Rosemary Bush

£24.91     Quantity
Artificial Rosemary
Realistic artificial rosemary bush. Made from strong plastic material Apx. length 22cm (8"). Apx. weight 60g.

Pack of 6 Artificial Potted Thyme

   £32.10   Quantity
Artificial Potted Thyme
Artificial Thyme plant with plastic leaves and stems in a 10cm black transit pot. Apx. size overall height 28cm, spread 26cm Apx. weight 136g

Large Chilli Peppers

Artificial chilli peppers
£8.26 per pack of 12 Quantity
Realistic artificial weighted foam chilli peppers.